Design ideas

Rita & Gina pendant lights in new Epsom Restaurant

Our versatile Rita & Gina pendant lights have now been used to great effect in a new fish restaurant in Epsom called La Mer Bleue.

They were powder coated in a range of marine colours to match the theme.

The lighting scheme for this restaurant was designed by our founding Director, Sian Baxter, through her lighting design company Sian Baxter Lighting Design.

Our White Rita 400s in situ…

These Rita 400s were powder coated in an ‘old’ white to blend with the wall colouring and hung in a cluster over a stairwell.

The space was large and needed something fairly substantial to fill it. Five of these lights create real impact but they don’t dominate the space.

They are elegant and blend fabulously with the surroundings when unlit.

When they are lit they create a wonderful atmosphere; the space which could easily feel lofty and cold becomes very welcoming and intimate.

Our commissioned Gina ellipse pendant in white…

Our client’s hallway has fairly low ceilings so they commissioned the Gina pendant light in an ellipse shape which is shallower than the standard spheres.

It works fabulously well and adds real focus and interest to the centre of the entrance hall.

Our client is delighted and comments that ‘everyone who comes to the house says how wonderful the light is’.

These fittings look great when they are turned on. It’s almost as if they are living – there is a real movement about them.

We hope you like the as much as we do and our client does.

Our blue oval…

Our Mole range of lights look fabulous in other shapes and colours too.

We like this blue – it completely transforms the look of the light. We think this would look great in grey and purple as well.

Our Mole range, in outside spaces…

Their organic shape and the soft light pattern they create is perfect for gardens and patios.

They can be put on the floor, hung from trees, wall brackets or pergolas and work equally well in both contemporary gardens and more traditional ones.

The oval shape is beautiful…

Very elegant and particularly suited to tall narrow spaces. We love them.