Oriel 600 pendant light

The Oriel pendant light is ideal for the kitchen, bedroom above a dining room table or a coffee/kitchen table.


Titian 600 pendant light

The Titian pendant light is ideal for the living room, kitchen, bedroom or dining room.

J’aimes wall light

Ideal throughout the house, particularly down a hallway.

In-situ shots by Carol Fulton.

Gina 150 table lamp

Gina 400 pendant light

The Gina pendant looks great individually or in clusters, beside beds or hanging down stairwells.

Gina 150 pendant light

Rita 400 pendant light

The Ritas differ from the Ginas in that they are open at the base and look great over tables in the kitchen or bedside. Particularly stunning also in clusters down a stairwell.

Rita 150 pendant light

In-situ shots by Carol Fulton.

Gina oval and ellipse pendant lights

We make a number of bespoke pendant lights to order, please contact us, if this is of interest.

Gina & Rita 150 wall light

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